Veterinary Reproductive Pathology

Dr Rob Foster

Department of Pathobiology

University of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This site is dedicated to the reproductive pathology, diseases and conditions of domestic mammals. I consider reproductive pathology to be divided into 6 main categories:

The links on the left reflect this.

Information on this site includes a comprehensive review of the reproductive pathology of the dog and cat, my reproductive pathology notes, lecture overheads and selected images. They were designed to provide a reference source for veterinary pathologists, graduate students and veterinarians, and are background reading for veterinary students to prepare them for lectures and tutorials in the course, Theriogenology. I provide it for your interest and education.

All material is copyright and should only be used with the expressed permission of the author.


What I am working on currently

7th edition of Maxies Jubb Kennedy and Palmer, Pathology of Domestic Animals chapters on Reproductive Pathology with Chris Premanandan.

Davis Thompson Foundations Fascicle 'Tumors of the Urogenital System'.