Veterinary Reproductive Pathology

About me


Hello, my name is Rob Foster and this is a brief biography:

Title and qualifications

Dr Robert Foster, BVSc (hons), PhD, MANZCVS, Diplomate, ACVP

Professional Registration

Queensland, Australia

Registered Veterinary Surgeon

Registered Veterinary Specialist - Pathology


Registered Veterinarian limited to Pathology


I graduated from the Veterinary School at the University of Queensland with first class honours and with the ICI Australia Award in Pathology. I spent 3 years in mixed practice in Mackay, North Queensland and then as a locum tenens and racing veterinarian in Townsville, North Queensland for the next 4 years. I began my journey in Reproductive Pathology by completing a Doctor of Philosophy with the well known male reproductive pathologist, Dr Philip Ladds at the Department of Tropical Veterinary Science. My research was in infectious disease of the ram. Other projects running in parallel were the research of Dr Carlos Campero in bulls and Dr Simpson Taragan in bucks.

I spent a year as a part time contract faculty member at the James Cook University of North Queensland before becoming a Research Assistant/post doc with the well known female reproductive pathologist Dr Richard Miller of the Department of Pathology, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. This helped me develop my expertise in the female reproductive system.

My primary focus has always been reproductive pathology, although I am a Veterinary Pathologist with a very eclectic - generalist approach. I enjoy surgical pathology including dermatopathology and oncologic pathology. I have spend many years consulting for surgical biopsy companies, especially in reproductive pathology.

I am the author of the chapters of the Male Reproductive System and the Female Reproductive System in Zachary and McGavin, Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease. I am the author of the chapter of the Male Genital System in Maxies, Jubb Kennedy and Palmers Pathology of Domestic Animals, and the second author with Dr Don Schlafer of Female Genital System in the same book.

I am pleased to help my colleagues by speaking at symposia, doing continuing education courses and by offering second opinions to academic pathologists and diagnostic pathologist from different countries.