Veterinary Dermatopathology Website

Welcome to my VetDermPath website. This is very much a work in progress. I hope to update sections as I can - there is not 'pattern' to this. This resourse is free and open to all. I hope this will be helpful.

My journey in the world of the pathology of skin of animals began with some reluctance. Dr Julie Yager, dermatopathologist extraordinaire and skin scientist, dragged me kicking and screaming to skin pathology. It is her inspiration, persistence and enthusiasm that made this possible. She taught me to look at skin mechanistically and from a pathogenetic point of view. It works!

Approach to disease of skin.

It is a little clumsy, however the way diseases of skin are organised from a logical point of view is the following: What is the species of animal? After that, there are masses of skin and there are the diseases of skin that are not masses. This is the decision tree of Dermatopathology.

The list on the left will direct you to the applicable sections for each species.


Masses of Skin

Skin Disease with No Mass


Neoplasms Non neoplastic masses Inflammatory disease of skin Noninflammatory disease of skin



Perivascular dermatitis

Keratin diseases




Follicular diseases




Collagen and connective tissue diseases



Nodular to diffuse dermatitis

Pigmentary diseases

Folliculitis, furunculosis, sebaceous adenitis

Cytotoxic/Interface dermatitis
Vesicular and pustular dermatitis - intraepidermal
Vesicular and pustular dermatitis - subepidermal