DVM Reproductive Pathology Course Material

VETM*3460 Theriogenology


At the Ontario Veterinary College, Student Veterinarians in their second year (called Phase 2) take an integrated course called Theriogenology. This course encorporates reproductive anatomy, histology, physiology, endocrinology, pathology and clinical management. Reproductive pathology is incorporated into this and as a reproductive pathologist, I am responsible for 2 components: embryological development and functional anatomy of placentation, Failure of Pregnancy and Clinical Conditions of the male. My lecture notes and presentations are provided here for you.

Normal placentation

Embryology of placentation (Presentation)

Normal placentae of domestic mammals (Required reading)

Failure of pregnancy

Lecture notes

Lecture presentations

  1. Pregnancy failure in general
  2. Pregnancy failure in horses
  3. Pregnancy failure in cattle
  4. Pregnancy failure in sheep, goats
  5. Pregnancy failure in dogs, cats, pigs

Clinical Conditions of the Male

Lecture notes

Lecture Presentations

  1. Male Reproductive Pathology 1
  2. Male Reproductive Pathology 2
  3. Male Reproductive Pathology 3


Laboratory Presentation